My name is Marissa Vazquez. I am a recent graduate of Cazenovia College. I majored in Visual Communications: Graphic Design and earned my Bachelor's degree. Feel free to check out my portfolio and resume!

Having a free area to work in when you are a graphic designer is important because it allows free expression. Growing up, I imagined a free world and becoming a better version of yourself. As for someone who was shyer, in the beginning, she has become more confident and surpassing.

As a designer, I can create anything hands-on or digitally. I find it entertaining to make something from scratch because it satisfies me how it is executed after. Every color gives a different mood and are in motion when I work with my favorite medium, watercolor. The textures from the watercolor demonstrate the emotions that are passed down on the edge of the paper. Every texture is a revitalize emotion. Some designs have my own watercolor textures I made by hand and are transferred to photoshop. I find ingenious solutions for design and willing to push that direction further.


Technical Skills